Shafer-Haggart provides responsibly sourced seafood products from our wide range of supplier partnership bases in every ocean of the world. We are able to offer Pole and Line and FAD Free (fish aggregating device free) or Free Schooling Tuna.

Shafer-Haggart is committed to communicating to all of our suppliers the importance of sustainability. To achieve this goal we will work toward the sustainable management and traceability of our products and the application of recognized standards (based on peer-reviewed scientific studies, regular audits, third-party certification, and the transparency of procedures and results), such as the: Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), International Seafood Sustainability foundation (ISSF) or International Pole and Line Foundation (IPLNF), to ensure the products we source support long term sustainability of resources.

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Shafer-Haggart offers a wide selection of seafood, fruit and vegetable products.

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